ABOUT US - Discover Gran Oils

Gran Oils Co., Trade, Import and Export of Special Oils is a Brazilian company active in the international market , experienced in special oils of vegetal, animal and mineral origins, selling in wholesale and retail, distributing to several industries and segments, prioritizing quality, punctuality and differential treatment of our clients.

We are importers and exporters, representing and distributing high quality brands of special oils with international quality level; many of them certified as organic products in several market places. In addition, we deal with relevant companies that avail high quality products, catering to the most demanding markets.

We offer a varied portfolio of special oils, most of them natural, coming from cold press, many organic, always accompanied by technical reports, for the most varied finality.

We have a range of items in the lines of Vegetal, Animal and Mineral Oils and we are always looking to offer the market’s new launches. We cater to a wide variety of industries, among which, we highlight Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical, Animal Food, Animal Health, to mention just a few.

Our Differential:

Gran Oils Co stands out in the market for negotiating quality products, meeting specific needs of each client, competitive prices, technical support, client support, efficient logistics and ability in meeting deadlines, besides offering:

  • Constant research and development, identifying the best and most viable suppliers in Brazil and abroad, keeping our clients constantly updated concerning he best business opportunities.
  • Interchange of information with international partners and clients, allowing agile updating of the market trends.
  • Bottling and stocking of products in a standardized way, always in adequate and hygienic conditions.
  • Performing of internal auditing for assessment and maintenance of Quality Policies.
  • Qualifying and training of staff and collaborators concerning the best practices.
  • Constant physic-chemical analysis in partner laboratories, keeping the high quality of samples and cargoes of the products offered.
  • Technical and commercial team available to support the decision-making in the acquisition of the available products, orienting customers about trends and market opportunities.
  • Products with high standards of quality, aiming to keep all their natural and healthy proprieties.
  • Stock maintenance that allow the guarantee of quality and continuous supply.


Offer and enable the distribution of the best products to our clients and business partners, considering their expectations concerning prices, quality and delivery deadlines, always allying high technology and guaranteeing the product quality in continuous supply, always aiming the excellence in services in the Brazilian and international market.


To be considered an important reference of business model in the Oil and Special Fats segment, in the local and global context, recognized by our high level of efficiency, commitment and transparence in the management of the services offered.


  • Seriousness, Honesty and Ethics, building and keeping our company’s brand and image.
  • Enthusiasm, competent professionals passionate about what they do and highly committed, never shy in their effort to meet our client’s needs and in meeting deadlines.
  • Responsibility, transparency and dedication are undertaken and understood. Working with focus in the daily reaffirmation of commitment with continuous improvement.
  • Cohesion and synergy in the work done together with our partners and clients, valuing their ideas, respecting and preserving their individuality and autonomy, fulfilling agreements rigorously.
  • Pride in contributing for the success of our clients and business partners.